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The Pipe Cottage Is Temporarily CLOSED While We Move. Follow Us On Instagram For Updates.
The Pipe Cottage Is Temporarily CLOSED While We Move. Follow Us On Instagram For Updates.


Hello, I'm Alan Harrelson.

In addition to being a husband, father, farmer, and history professor, I'm the owner of the Old Carolina Pipe Cottage. Glad you stopped by!

I first tried to smoke a pipe about 10 years ago while attending graduate school. After many failed attempts, and no one to help mentor me, I eventually gave it up. In recent years, however, I returned to the pipe, and this time, I succeeded in opening up the joys of the pipe and pipe tobacco. There is now an established pipe community in the online world, far more than there was when I first tried to smoke a pipe. Thanks to the generosity and tutelage of this online community, I learned how to enjoy a pipe at a new and higher level. Building this store has been a journey, and it's far from perfect and far from over, but it is my way of trying to give back to the community that helped me learn to enjoy my pipe.

The pipe has become a significant part of my everyday routine, and as my wife can attest, a part of our home and life. At this point, I can't imagine home without a pipe collection and the smell of pipe tobacco. I believe pipe enthusiasts are generally reflective, cultivated people who tend to follow the beat of a different drum. People who are drawn to the pipe were probably always pipe people in the first place, they just didn't know it yet. The pipe is an expression of a well-ordered life.

The mission of this store is to help promote a cultivated pipe experience. Pipe smoking is a journey that develops over time in the life and mind of the person who enjoys its pleasures. At whatever stage of the development process you find yourself, I think we have a little something that can fit your needs. I only offer pipe brands and tobacco blends that I have enjoyed and found to be superior in performance and quality. There are many pipes and blends that do not meet the mark. It is not my goal to offer anything and everything on the market. That said, our offerings will grow to include more than you initially see here. As the store grows, so too will our offerings to the pipe community.

I'm honored to have you visit our site. Blessings to you and yours.

-Alan Harrelson